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Metal Decking Services
in Brooklyn, NY

Custom Metal Decking Structural Steel Beams and Columns Stairs, Balconies, and Railings 
Installation Delivery Estimates

Custom Made Metal Decking & Frames

MPL Metal Inc. manufactures corrugated metal decking on site in Brooklyn, New York and offers convenient delivery to all five boroughs and the Tri-State area, as well as rapid pick-up. We custom produce and cut to size composite decking for use in construction.


We custom manufacture our metal decking to your specifications. Below are our current available size options to choose from. All of our corrugated composite metal decking is 3' wide.

DEPTH: 1.5" or 2"

GAUGE: 18ga, 20ga, 22ga

LENGTH: Cut to size down to the inch up to 29'

Need frames too? We have you covered.

Structural Steel Beams & Columns

MPL Metal, Inc. specializes in structural steel framing. We prepare, deliver, and install structural steel beam frames for your next construction project. We also install structural and decorative columns. MPL serves New York and New Jersey.

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Stairs, Balconies, and Railings

MPL Metal, Inc. fabricates, delivers, and installs metal stairs, balconies, and railings for commercial and residential sites. MPL Metal, Inc. delivers to New York and New Jersey.


MPL Metal Inc.

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